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These Are the Reasons Why You Should Hire Experienced Pergola Builders

It is a simple project. A pergola has posts and some beams serving as the roof. Anyone can handle this job.

That is your first mistake when thinking about who you should hire to handle your pergola construction. The truth is, it is not that simple. Building and installing a pergola requires someone with the right tools, experience with materials used, insights about designs and the ability to deliver what you want without additional expense or stress.

You want your pergola builder to be familiar with the types of materials that you can use and what is possible in the space you have for the project. You want to trust that your builder won’t just throw up a simple structure that does not last for years to come. You must be confident that your structure is sturdy and stable and safe.

It’s important to hire experienced pergola builders with the expertise to help design and deliver what you want. Here are some tips to do just that.


Experienced pergola builders understand what it takes to install the woodwork correctly. This is a basic, but critical, concept when it comes to building a pergola. While simple in appearance, designing and building a pergola must be done to ensure solid construction and safety that will last a long time.

Your pergola should stand for a long time. Experienced pergola builders make these structures all the time. They understand the importance of solid construction, how to work with certain materials and how to adapt construction to your unique space. If your pergola is attached to decking, they will know how to properly tie in those design elements.

Proper construction and installation of a pergola requires a reliable foundation with posts that are properly aligned and strong to ensure stability. This is how you make certain that your pergola will stand for many years and continues to add value to your property.


A clear sign of a pergola builder’s experience is their ability to plan and design properly. There is more to the project than just simple woodwork, selection of space and construction. Discuss the planning and design process with your pergola builder to determine how organized they are. How will they accommodate your space? What materials will they use and why? What challenges do they foresee? How do they handle challenges?

Your pergola builder should have experience addressing these questions and should be able to explain that process to you clearly so you are comfortable moving forward. Pay attention to how they explain this process using your ideas for your pergola. If they don’t incorporate your project in the discussion, that might be a sign that they have not given your ideas enough consideration.


An experienced pergola builder appreciates that each project has unique elements. While these structures are simple by nature, their beauty is in the special design elements brought into the project by your builder. This is where you can determine quickly how well you will get along with your builder. They should offer ways to make your pergola distinctive. How unique is their idea? How much do they add to your concept? Do they make your idea better than you imagined?

A custom design also includes wood selection. Pay attention to your builder’s recommendations and how they explain the different wood species available. They should be able to explain how this choice affects maintenance, cost and durability.

Time and Money

An experienced pergola builder will help you save time and money. Consider the recommendations they offer that explain the time needed for the project. While it shouldn’t take a lot of time to finish, you will want to understand what is involved and why the timeline is important. You also want to know how the builder’s design can help you save money. It’s not just about the cost of construction, but also the cost over time. You may think you can build a pergola on your own, but an experienced builder will show you how they can save you money with proper construction, installation and maintenance. They can explain why the right materials are the most cost-effective solution. They can point out how properly treating and finishing the wood will save you money over time.

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