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How to Extend Kids Room

Letting your children have as much room as possible to grow and express themselves is a goal for many parents. Making their room a place where they feel a sense of identity, engage in play, learn new things, and create art with these kids room extension ideas will help you achieve that goal.

Build Upwards

Vertical space is usually underutilized in interior design. It’s first on our list of kids room extension ideas because it’s easy and quick to start thinking with vertical space, and there is even more room for advanced tweaks to a room’s layout. Using it for displaying a child’s artwork and other interests is fine when they aren’t cramped, but it’s low-hanging fruit if you are hunting for a way to expand the usable space. It’s fairly easy to mount shelving onto a wall. The high spots serve as resting locations for artwork and collectibles, while the lower ones add usable surfaces to the room.

Parents with kids who share a room may have already swapped to a bunk bed for similar reasons, but you can use a lifted bed and desk combination to make more space in a room with a single occupant. If older kids are sharing the room, they’ll need less active space, so stacking up their dressers, adding shelves, and switching to lifted bed and desk combinations can give them everything they really want out of their room. The same setup is used in many college dormitories.

Shrink Things Down

It can be easy to forget that children are smaller, so they get objects that are designed with adults in mind. Teenagers that are springing ever upwards won’t benefit from this as much, but younger kids can have their furniture shrunken down, stacked, and combined to open up the room.

A full-sized dresser is more than most children need for their active clothing rotation. A smaller dresser tucked into the closet can sit under their hanging clothes while still letting them have access to their most needed items. It can be a hassle if you already have a larger bed on a heavy frame, but going from a queen to a twin adds a good bit of floor area to the room.

Quality desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture are usually larger, while smaller options meant for kids are usually intended to endure abuse before being discarded. Building a small set of wooden furniture for smaller kids gives them a durable option without taking up as much space as a piece of heirloom furniture meant to stay in there until they leave the nest.

Consider Other Spaces

As an adult, sleeping in an attic or a basement might seem odd or gross. For a child, the unique bedroom location can be a dreamland. Louder kids can have more space to move around in the basement, and it keeps the noise contained. An attic can be a reclusive sanctuary for kids that like quiet and reflection. You’ll want to discuss this with the child ahead of time since it can feel like banishment if it’s a forced relocation.

If you have an unused attic, basement, or similar space that you have in mind, making the space livable is the only real concern. Basements may have issues with moisture that can cause mold to grow, so a thorough inspection is needed before a child is regularly sleeping in one. Attics can be dusty and a home for bugs, but cleaning will handle most of that. Your primary concern will be the temperature, since it can range from overly hot to cold inside an attic depending on the construction and environment.

Hire a Construction Consultant

Tearing into your home’s walls is more than most homeowners will want to do to expand a kid’s room, but it’s one of the first kids room extension ideas that pops into mind before easier options are considered. Knowing the limits of how to safely extend the actual dimensions of a room in existing construction will take the eye of a professional engineer. Residents of Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding area can contact Petersen Construction to bring in an experienced team of construction experts who can figure out how to convert or expand any space into a cozy kids’ room.

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