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Ready to begin your home addition journey? We are happy to help you with changes of all sizes. Take a look of these most requested home additions and see what we can do to help build your dream home.

#1. Second Story Addition

When thinking about “home additions and where to start,” you can certainly go as big as you want!

This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to home additions. The desire to have a second-floor family room or master suite often leaves homeowners wanting more square footage, but are limited by the amount allotted in their current home plan.

The idea of building an addition on top of your home creates a whole new second story and allows you to expand out as far as your lot will allow! You can add square footage with two bedrooms or even a huge master suite.

The biggest benefit is that it creates more square footage. You can purchase your existing home plan or speak with one of our experienced professionals to create a completely new design for your new addition!

#2. Open Floor Plan Home Renovation

Create better flow and truly enjoy your home’s space with an open floor plan. If you are thinking about an open floor plan makeover, this is a great option for adding square footage.

Think of it as growing your home upward instead of outward. By removing walls that are no longer necessary, you can create a much more modern space.

‘Kitchen island’ is now the focal point of your living area as it turns from a divider to an extension of your kitchen. A truly open floor plan makes entertaining easier and truly transforms your home’s style. You’ll love cooking for guests as all eyes are on you!

#3. Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are becoming more and more popular as homeowners are looking for additional living space, but don’t want to increase their property size by adding another structure. This is a popular idea when looking for the best ideas for home addition.

By converting your garage into a family room or extra bedroom, you can gain better use of the space in your home. You can even add a ‘mother-in-law’ suite with a complete living area and kitchenette.

The main benefit of a garage conversion is that it allows you to keep your property size fixed, but gain additional square footage by utilizing the space in your home you might not have been able to use before.

#4. Basement Renovation

The basement is often the most ignored part of your home. By renovating yours, you can create a new space for entertaining or turn it into an additional living area. Also, basement renovations is one of the best services for home additions.

Many homeowners want to take advantage of the empty space in their homes, but don’t want to increase their property size by adding on. A basement renovation might be the perfect solution for you. You can upgrade your basement to meet new building codes by adding insulation, better lighting and flooring.

By adding more energy-efficient windows, the light coming into your lower level will be increased exponentially. A great option would be to add French doors that open up completely turning the space into an outdoor living area! This way, when the weather is nice you can enjoy your new space

#5. Bonus Room Addition

A bonus room addition is just that – an extra room in your home where you can escape to read a book, watch TV or play games with family and friends. Our best services for home additions can help with home additions.

You can add one big space or several smaller rooms depending on how much additional square footage you are looking for. It is entirely customizable to your personal needs. A bonus room addition is a great way to add more space without breaking the bank or increasing your property size!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to home additions, but if you are considering an option not listed above, give us a call and we will be happy to give you some ideas. We want our homeowners to get the most out of their homes and have invested in countless hours of design experience with these types of projects.

In addition, we know it is important that all home additions are done within budget and with quality workmanship.

Call one of our experienced professionals today and get started with the best services for home additions.

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